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My research focuses on the security, privacy and financial aspects of decentralized technology. I am motivated to understand new technologies rapidly, to quantify and systematize system properties. Uncovering tension points and tradeoffs in terms of security, privacy and performance is an exciting endeavour - especially when those apply faithfully to real world systems.
My research is inherently multidisciplinary and I frequently collaborate with colleagues worldwide in various fields.


2017 -
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Decentralized Systems and Security Group
Imperial College London

2017 -
Blockchain Scalability
Liquidity Network

2017 -
University Lucerne

2012 - 2016
Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant
On the Security, Performance and Privacy of Proof of Work Blockchains
Supervisor: Srdjan Capkun
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

2010 - 2012
Master of Science
Advisor: Peter Sjödin
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

2010 - 2012
Master of Science in Security and Mobile Computing Advisor: Tuomas Aura
Aalto University, Finland

2008 - 2012
Master of Science in Computer Engineering Advisor: Youssef Amghar
National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) Lyon, France

Selected News

May 2021 Guest lecture at the world's first DeFi course at Berkeley by Dawn Song.
April 2021 Co-organizing the first ACM CCS Workshop on Decentralized Finance and Security.
March 2021 New S&P'21 paper on the automated discovery of profitable transactions in DeFi.
February 2021 New paper out on quantifying past Miner Extractable Value events.
January 2021 New S&P'21 paper on High-Frequency Trading on Decentralized Exchanges.
December 2020 New FC'21 paper on smart contract vulnerabilities.
November 2020 New flash loan paper at FC'21 and featured by Hacking, Distributed.